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October 3rd, 2017





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Geostorm is a turn-based game that combines destructible environments with puzzle elements.

Catastrophic weather events are destroying cities across the globe. Experience these events up close and personal as you play as key members in the Dutch Boy project. Located in different cities around the world, each member gathers essential data on the disasters while trying to escape the havoc in this exciting turn-based puzzle game. With destruction imminent, every move counts as you use your wit, elements in the environment and the disastrous weather effects themselves to escape destruction.


Official game of the movie GEOSTORM, from the producer of Independence Day and Stargate. Starring Gerard Butler (300), Jim Sturgess (21), Abbie Cornish (Robocop) with Ed Harris (Westworld) and Andy Garcia (Ocean's Twelve). Sticky Studios and Warner Bros. worked tirelessly to create the most exciting puzzle game ever created. Over 20 people have been working on Geostorm since the beginning of the year.


  • Play as three different characters in three different locations around the world.
  • Survive a tsunami, the deadly cold, and a lightning storm.
  • Experience immersive audio and atmospheric stylized 3D graphics.
  • Play through hours of challenging gameplay!
  • Escape with all the essential data and save mankind!
  • Head to the ISS, experience the dangers of space and track down the sabotaged satellites.


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Geostorm Gameplay Montage

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For the past 11 years, Sticky Studios has developed over 60 games. We work together with creative talent at Warner Bros., DC, Disney and Dreamworks to create top notch games. Our most popular games include Suicide Squad: Special Ops, Maze Runner and Wonder Woman.

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